A Better Way To Make Contact

An Empowering Experience

Time-critical and accomplishment-based, FasCast is your most comprehensive contact choice and can be seamlessly customized to work the way you do. It's a proven way to save time, effort and money.

Automated + Accurate

Quickly and easily generate detailed messages from automated phone calling trees to texts and email blasts. It's the perfect way to contact employees, staff members, customers and students with timely, accurate information.

Built For Business

FasCast is a new innovation that delivers serious contact, ensuring better solutions across more opportunities, across more platforms. When it comes to mass messaging, you now have the ability to do more.

We Mean Business

FasCast allows you to create, design, and send customized group messages for:


Attracting the best and brightest talent begins by effectively communicating with qualified candidates. FasCast allows you to easily stay in close contact with potential employees throughout the hiring process. From setting up interview appointments to contacting prospects for follow-up questions and references, FasCast ensures you will have access to your best candidates.

Business Development

FasCast empowers you to move at the speed of business, with mass messaging options that allow you to convey key information and data to clients, prospects and employees. From marketing communications to quick mobile memos, updates and alerts, you now have access to everything necessary to forward the specific goals of your organization within the competitive marketplace.

Emergency Notification

When an emergency occurs, delivering time-critical information to emergency service providers at the local, state and even national level is crucial for public safety. With FasCast, emergency team directors and team members can communicate through voice messages, SMS texts, and emails to notify, activate and reinforce emergency services, all at a moment’s notice.

Customer Notification

Timely and effective communication with your customers is key to building your business. FasCast allows you to stay in close contact with your buyers and prospects, with alerts that notify them when orders are ready, are being shipped or delivered, or when new items are available. In addition, follow up messages help you to measure client satisfaction and ensure you always deliver excellent service after the sale.